Ottica Foppa: Passion, Avant-garde And Research

The store in Grassobbio, in the province of Bergamo, has become a reference point for the world of trendy and luxury eyewear thanks to a staff of opticians-optomers attentive to responding to every visual need and ready to recommend the right eyewear. that enhances the personal look.

The owner Gigi Foppa: “Anyone who enters our shop can count on a reliable and punctual service: they choose a model, a frame, specific lenses and after 20 minutes can go out with the glasses ready“.

Opticians and optometrists but also eyewear consultants and trendy eyewear: Ottica Foppa in Grassobbio, in the province of Bergamo, for over 30 years and more than a shop of opticians and optometrists. It is a real point of reference throughout Italy for those looking for the latest fashion eyewear or a unique and exclusive product thanks to a team of people who have always been in love with eyewear. With two other stores in the province of Bergamo and one in Liguria, Foppa is in fact a reality that dictates the latest trends in the luxury eyewear sector, thanks to a competent and trained staff made up of 14 opticians-optometrists, attentive to respond to every visual and look need to recommend not a pair of glasses but “The” right pair of glasses, the one that best reflects your style.

The founder and owner Gigi Foppa, who began his adventure in 1982, tells us this beautiful story of entrepreneurship from Bergamo. «My love for glasses is not a coincidence but it was passed on to me by my father – says Foppa -. Lens after lens, eyewear after eyewear and with the support of my children, Luca and Andrea, today Ottica Foppa has become a well-known and appreciated reality not only in the Bergamo province. The credit also goes to all the staff who understood the philosophy of my work: those who come to us are not just a customer, but a friend to welcome with a smile on their lips.».

In fact, alongside the latest generation machinery for increasingly precise optometric examinations, and a laboratory for repairs and custom-made eyewear frames, the added value of Ottica Foppa di Grassobbio is the wide choice of the best brands on the market, sunglasses included. «Yes, because from being a simple tool to protect the eyes from sunlight, sunglasses have become a real fashion accessory, on a par with bags, shoes and jewelry – confirms Foppa -. To be combined with your outfit, sunglasses are now a mix of research and design and for this reason customers go beyond the most famous fashion brands but are looking for unique eyewear, perhaps a limited edition, and for some years they have wanted to wear exclusive brands such as Linda Farrow, Mykita, Kuboraum or Cazal».

Each Foppa store is in fact a real paradise for fans of the genre, for those who love to stand out and want to follow the extravagant trends of the moment, from round glasses for lovers of the back to increasingly larger glasses for women or slim ones for the man. Among the purely fashion eyewear the Diorbrands with Soreal and Guccistand out, without forgetting the Italian Ray Ban with the collections renewed in rigorously mirrored frames and lenses. Finding the latest news on the market are the sons Andrea and Luca who often fly abroad in search of new brands and ideas, especially luxury eyewear: «The shop and our website have now become a point of reference also for celebrities, footballers and authorities who want the latest news of the moment – explains Gigi -. On the sidelines of luxury eyewear, however, we specialize in everything, from vintage glasses to graduated ones for those who play sports to traditional eyeglasses. In fact, we were born and will always remain the “next door” shop where we establish a confidential and ongoing relationship with each customer that goes beyond sales and takes the form of a 360-degree consultancy relationship for vision and eyewear. Those who enter our shop must know they can count on a reliable and punctual service: they choose a model, a frame, specific lenses and after 20 minutes can go out with the glasses ready».


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