Also Brad Pitt choose Jacques Marie Mage

The handsome from Hollywood, Mr. Pitt, has chosen to wear the exclusive Jacques Marie Mage glasses.

Yes, because the beauty of Hollywood has chosen to wear, in the fifth episode of the famous saga, very Italian sunglasses branded L.G.R.

And it is precisely in the breathtaking scene of the motorcycle chase (yes, the scene chosen as the official image of the film) that the handsome Tom wears the Comorosmodel made of ultra-thin matt photo-cut steel. A supermodern, light and resistant frame in the silver version with black / gray gradient lenses: ideal for a ride on the BMW S 1000RR!

But there are actually two L.G.R. that Tom Cruise has chosen for his latest success: in addition to the aforementioned Comoros, for another scene he has chosen to wear a more elegant Tangerimodel in the glossy black acetate version with shaded and photochromic yellow lenses.

It is even said that the costume designer of the film Joanna Johnston asked Luca Gnecchi Ruscone (the owner of L.G.R.) for 12 models of glasses in 12 pieces each….

Perhaps someone will say little about the name of these models, being L.G.R. a brand of recent birth that has established itself above all in the luxury eyewear sector: it is certain that the name and fame of the Made in Italy brand has certainly already arrived to movie stars.

In fact, not only the protagonist of Mission Impossible has chosen L.G.R eyewear: also the wonderful Kirsten Dunst, refined protagonist of the film “The Two Faces of January”, has chosen a decidedly more feminine and intriguing model, the Alexandria. The actress chose the honey-colored model and also on this occasion the glasses ended up on the symbolic photograph of the film, the one launched on the movie poster. A frame in this case with a decidedly retro taste, for a thriller set in the 1960s.

It can be said that L.G.R. are objects reserved for lovers of luxury and for this reason perhaps they are so loved by celebrities from all over the world!